Installation view at Desterro - Graduate Sculpture Show 13’14’ , Hospital do Desterro, Lisboa. 2015
Sete Mosteiros, Seis dias e 938 km. 2014-2015
Cement and bricks, 200x250x80 cm
Handmade Wooden Box, 30,5x22,5x50 cm
Eight glass containers with the Water collected from the monasteries
Eight engravings on glass, each 20x20cm
Digital Print on paper; glued to the wall, 120x252 cm
DV Pal; 4.3; Color; Sound; Loop. Duration 00:01:26

Seven Monasteries, Six Days and 938 km was a project presented in a group exhibition held in the Hospital do Desterro in Lisbon, in the context of my graduation show by the Faculty of Fine-Arts Lisbon. Built in 1591, Hospital do Desterro is a former convent that belonged to the Cistercian Order. As a religious order, they arrived in Portugal in 1144, by the congregation of St.Bernard coming from France, twelve monks and an abbot reached Tarouca. In the north of Portugal, they founded the first monastery, São João de Tarouca. On April 15th I started my journey with destination to the source of Cistercians in Portugal. Departing from Hospital do Destero, I crossed seven monasteries by following a genealogical line between the different places, this journey led me to Tarouca in the district of Viseu. In each monastery, I installed a dehumidifier, in order to collect moisture from the site. Through the process of condensation, the air led to water. Brought to Lisbon, where it would be stored in glass containers. The eight containers were stored in a wooden box.