Classroom (1999-2003) at Escola Básica Paulino Montez

Classroom (2014) at Escola Básica Paulino Montez


Centro e Treze (I) Temporary site-specific installation at Escola Básica Paulino Montez. Cement, sand and rebble from Escola Básica Paulino Montez. Composed by five block of 80x130x60 cm. 2014

In 2014 the Primary School - Paulino Montez was the target of a process of requalification, as a former student, watched the first few months of this transformation. The building has left only with its architectural and structural elements, everything else was deposited around. But suddenly the work stopped and with it the whole process of transmutation.

Made in my old classroom (1999-2003), Centro e Treze I was an installation made with debris that had resulted from the process of requalification of the school. Five concrete sculptures, with the size of a primary student table, served as a container for a mixture of cement, sand, and rubble collected around the schoolyard.

10 sobre 11

10 sobre 11 Time-lapse of the construction of Centro e Treze I, made on 10 and 11 January at my former Primary School - Escola Básica Paulino Montez. Duration 00:06:48 DV Pal; 4.3; Time-lapse video; Color. 2014


Installation view at FBAUL, Lisboa. 2015
Centro e Treze II Wooden Formwork; Remains from the installation Centro e Treze I; Two containers of 120x100x300 cm; TV; Speakers. Duration 00:06:48 DV Pal; 4.3; Color; Stereo audio.
Collected and stored the remains from the installation Centro e Trese I were relocated to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Now using the same wooden formwork, the debris were deposited in two wooden containers. Contextualized by a video, filmed during the construction/destruction of the previous installation, and a sound work, that was matrix an ambient-sound recorder in 2015 at the classroom of my former teacher, Professor Paula Teresa.